Health & Safety

Safety in all our activities ranks equally with our other principal business objectives and we place great emphasis on both our training and instruction programmes.

PowerRod is proud of it’s Health & Safety record, and of the safety culture engendered throughout the organisation. It is Company Policy to provide first class working conditions for all staff, and to develop working practices that maintain a safe, clean, operational environment for our clients, their customers and the general public.

All our engineers and technicians adhere to a disciplined and uniform procedure before undertaking any work. Where appropriate, a Method Statement is prepared, together with Risk Assessments of any potential hazards associated with the task. Of primary concern, is the safety of site staff and the general public together with the protection of our own personnel. In the event that any toxic substances are involved in the procedures, a full COSHH Assessment is also completed.

All our work practices meet the stringent requirements of the Powerrod Health & Safety Policy, conform to current legislation and, as may be seen below, are approved and accredited by the major Safety Organisations