High Pressure Water Jetting & Mechanical Drains and Pipe Clearance

Rates for Commercial and Account customers are quoted on request, with Residential customers able to check out our highly competitive ‘call-out’ prices by reference to the Residential Rates page.

In addition to the above, our engineers are also equipped to deal with the mechanical descaling of large bore pipework. Specialist units comprising flexible steel cables fitted with blades and cutters, are able to cut through tree roots and hardened deposits of scale, restoring the pipework to full bore.

Unless the cause of any blockage is obvious, we recommend the use of a CCTV survey to identify the problem and enable the most cost effective solution to be recommended. See the CCTV page for more details.

For further details and a quotation, call us now on 0800 0217 770 or email service@powerrod.com